Our Services and Approach

Few industries today are safe from the threat of potentially wrenching competition and technological change. Leaders of industry incumbents know they face the danger of disruption as they've seen companies such as Amazon, Google and Netflix transform retail, advertising and media.

We deploy a Future-Back business growth approach to help executives more confidently cut through ambiguity to envision a company’s future and the plan to get to there. It begins with the assumption that tomorrow will be different than today. It involves looking at powerful trends that hold transformational potential, coming to consensus about the future environment, developing shared aspirations about the company’s future state, and then making “stepping stone” investments to turn that aspiration into an achievable reality.


Executive Briefings


1-2 Days

An experience designed to provide executives and senior leaders with opportunities to learn about the emerging technologies from one of our practice areas in a rapid bootcamp-style education session. Briefings give executives an opportunity to level-set on knowledge and align on vision — combining strategy with light-touch prototyping and deep ideation.


Companies must continue to review and evolve their strategy. Our strategic design team helps our clients to develop and deliver their strategy. It equips them with the approach and tools to achieve what is most important to them, by translating an ambition into a real set of changes that enables them to deliver their strategy.

Product Design Workshops

2-4 Days


An experience that provides executives and senior leaders with opportunities to get real, hands-on experience by engaging in a scoping and prototyping session with experts designed to produce a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) plan. All MVP plans are structured to be fully executed within a 3-month prototyping sprint using the Stride prototyping methodology. Bottom line: it’s an opportunity for executives to align on vision, strategy, theory, and experience with an eye towards rapid learning and startup-style execution.

New Ventures

12 Weeks

With the completion of an MVP Plan, we assemble an external startup team that collaborates closely with client-side teams to rapidly learn, build, and deploy new products in a fast-paced startup-style environment. Our Sprint Teams are small and elite startup teams assigned to a 12-week experimentation and deployment process with monthly “pivot or persevere and scale” meetings hosted for key stakeholders to assess trajectory, direction, and project success

Growth Strategies


How can organisations continuously and sustainably drive improvement, delivering more value for less cost, and in a way that delivers their strategy?  We can address this question across all key elements of the operating model. We work with you to link your strategy to measurable outcomes which drives performance in your teams and individuals, embedding a culture of continuous improvement. We are experts in the following:

  • Supply Chain Optimisation

  • Customer Experience Management

  • Product and Market Development

  • Channel Management

Innovation Management

As business becomes more challenging, individuals and organisations need new ways to strengthen their creativity and innovation capabilities. 

  • Innovation Assessment and Strategy

  • Innovation Process and Governance

  • Innovation Culture

Business Process Design and Automation

Our team is geared to help your organisation identify process bottlenecks, streamline and automate business processes and mentor your staff to retain skills further ensuring process efficiencies. Our core offerings include:

  • Developing BPM capabilities and maturity

  • Modeling architectures and processes

  • Improving business process performanc

Project Management


We are aware that project and programme design makes a critical difference to an organization’s success. Thus, we bring our multi-sector experience and a scalable. pragmatic approach to ensure projects and programmes are optimize for the situation

  • Programme/Project Management

  • Programme/Project Assurance

  • Project Office Set-up and Management

Blockchain and AI

Blockchain is poised to transform every industry and managerial function — redefining the way we make transactions, share ideas, and manage workflow. Our consulting services include:

  • Blockchain Education (Business and Technical)

  • Blockchain Strategy

  • Blockchain Projects

Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things means machines are the next consumer class. Since 2008 there have been more devices online than people. Now is the time to learn how to build not just defined by greater machinery, but toward a world of greater machinery, but for a world of connection.

Digital Platforms

Valets, taxi cabs, house cleaning services, and last-mile deliveries of nearly all goods are being “uber-ized” at an alarming rate. Layer in machine learning, smart algorithms, and autonomous supply chains, and the digital platforms of tomorrow are going to look radically different. Is your organization ready?

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